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The event will be streamed at http://www.pirate-streaming.net/?page_id=5&id=1263

Date and venue

The Pirate Party Europe Conference in Luxembourg-City will take place on September 4th 2013 at Abbaye de Neumünster:


Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN)

28, rue Münster

L-2160 Luxembourg-Grund


How to get there

From Gare Centrale, Luxembourg-City

It's a 15 minutes walk from the train station. You can use the bus, but it might be a longer walk.

If you are standing in front of the train station, you go right (it's the direction the elephant in front of the station is looking). You then go through the "Avenue de la Gare" - there you will pass by some global fastfood-chains - until you reach a bridge. You cross the street to go downhill the "Montée de la Petrusse". At the end of that street, you hold to your right, go through the "Rue St. Ulric" until there is a little bridge on your right side, which you cross. Then you go left and stay on the left side to reach your goal, the Abtei Neumünster.

GoogleMaps-Link: Click!

Where to park in Luxembourg-City?

Please try to park in the "Parking St. Esprit". From there you can take the elevator to get to the "Grund". You will directly see the little bridge, when you get out of the elevator-area, which you have to cross. Then go left and stay left.


We, the undersigning European Pirates, realizing the need for a new political party in Europe,[...] Agree to convene in Luxembourg to lay the foundation of the European Pirate Party by formally adopting statutes and Manifesto.
Warsaw Declaration of European Pirate Parties

Agenda for September 3rd 2013:

All day: Election campaign

18:30 - Social Event @Schueberfouer "Am Stall"

Agenda for September 4th 2013:

09:30 - Morning Meetup
12:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Start of Pirate Party Europe Conference
14:00 - Remaining Voting on Manifesto and Statutes
14:30 - Start of Signing Ceremony
14:30 - Opening Speech
15:00 - Signing of the Statutes and Manifesto
15:15 - Open Discussions & Press Event

Agenda for September 5rd 2013:

All day: Election campaign


Confirmed participating Pirate Parties in the Pirate Party Europe Conference:

  • Pirate Party Belgium
  • Pirate Party Catalonia
  • Pirate Party Cyprus
  • Pirate Party Finland
  • Pirate Party France
  • Pirate Party Germany
  • Pirate Party Greece
  • Pirate Party Italy
  • Pirate Party Luxembourg
  • Pirate Party Poland
  • Pirate Party Norway
  • Pirate Party Russia
  • Pirate Party Sweden
  • Pirate Party Switzerland
  • Young Pirates Europe
  • Pirate Parties International


Couchsurfing: A limited amount of couch surfing opportunities are present. Please contact Jerry Weyer at jerry.weyer@piratepartei.lu.

Hotels: You an find a range of hotels at LCTO.lu or on your favorite booking platform. Most hotels in or around Luxembourg-City are well connected to public transport and the venue is located in the historical center of Luxembourg and easily reachable by foot and bus.

Hostel: You can find a youth hostel close to the venue in Luxembourg-City: Hostel


Please send a mail to jerry.weyer@piratepartei.lu if you plan to participate in Pirate Party Europe Conference. All Pirate Parties sending an official delegation to sign the statutes and manifesto are invited to announce their participation to jerry.weyer@piratepartei.lu.

Press and Guests

Guests, interested persons and press are welcomed cordially to participate!

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